• Reculta is a software platform that aims at helping colleges and companies come together to conduct hassle-free campus placement processes

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How do we help?

Data analytics has seeped into every sphere of the world. However, recruitment practices still follow age old processes that are unstructured, unrefined and are largely dependent on manual labour. We seek to plug the gaps in the current system of placements and provide significant insights through technology and advanced data analytics.

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Connecting Multiple Stakeholders on One Platform

Bring together various stakeholders such as recruiters, students and alumni under one platform for better engagement and ensure improved hiring decisions.

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Minimize Recruitment Costs

Provide access to technology at minimal costs, increase engagement with stakeholders and maximise return on investment.

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Systematic Recruitment

Manage all placement related activities on one platform through digitised processes. Data can be recorded, tracked and benchmarked to gain further insights.

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Offer personalised insights to students and recruiters to reduce turnaround time, sharpen evaluation and capture valuable feedback.

What we offer?

We have two software products that cater to the different recruitment needs of our stakeholders, namely students, colleges and companies.

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